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Most kids have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. I never did. Some days, I wanted to be a marine biologist. Other days, a photographer. My choice of career depended on the book I was reading at the time, which is to say I always wanted to be Jessica from Sweet Valley High. Or Nancy Drew.


The shark

When my mom wasn't telling me to "stop being anti-social and get my nose out of that book", I was either cutting words out of magazines or writing (really bad) stories on my grandfather's clunky computer. There was one about a shark, who bit off a boy's toes at the beach. I might have stolen that idea from my sister. She told on me.

The drop-out

A career in writing was never obvious to me. But it was to everyone else. My aunt bought me journals for my birthday; gran said I should study journalism. "A way with words", they said it was.

Those subliminal messages stuck. I did study journalism but I hated it. I found journalistic writing to be stifling. I felt boxed in. My parents wouldn't let me drop out to become a photographer, so I stuck it out. I never made it through Honours. Mom cried when I dropped out. I promised I would get my Honours one day; I just wasn't sure in what...

The post-grad

...Until I discovered linguistics and the science of language. After two years of working full-time and studying part-time, I finally got my Honours in Applied Linguistics, majoring in editing and language planning. It was one of my greatest achievements, after my daughter. Mom cried.

I've worked with words ever since, starting out in a news environment - gross - before spending two years in an editorial role at one of the country's largest online technology publications. It was the first time I had heard the terms 'cloud computing' and 'the channel'. Turns out the channel has nothing to do with TV programs...

I then spent three years heading up the content division of a tech-focused public relations and communications agency. Becoming a tech expert was purely an accident but I'm glad for it. It's one of the most challenging topics to write about, simply. There's also not many tech writers out there, or so I'm told.

The new me

I didn't want to stop writing about technology but I also wanted to write about my other passions - being a mom, drinking wine and ... nope, that's it.

Which is why you're reading this today. Freelancing means I don't have to settle on one thing. The beauty of being a writer is that I get to write about everything from marine biology to photography and everything in-between. Writing has exposed me to more stories and opinions than I ever thought possible. Now I want to hear your story - business or personal - and I want to help you find the words to tell it.

Let's chat.

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