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You need copy. I write copy. 

We could be a perfect match.


Writing copy that positions you as an expert and sells your business is hard. Writing copy that's engaging, compelling, and inspires your readers to act is hard.


Writing is hard. But I make it easy for you.

I'm an experienced freelance copywriter, qualified journalist, and bona fide word nerd, with a background in public relations. More importantly, I'm easy to work with, flexible, and reliable. And I'm really good at what I do.

You'll enjoy working with me - promise.

Get in touch if you think we'd be a good fit.

The professional profile


I am a content and communications specialist with more than six years' experience in the technology space. For nearly four years, I have headed up the content division at a technology and health-focused public relations agency in Johannesburg.


My writing has been published in top tier media, including Business Day, ITWeb, Memeburn, Banker Africa, Brainstorm, Your Family, ITNewsAfrica, IT-Online and MyBroadband - all as a ghost writer.

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The casual profile


Most kids have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. I never did. Some days, I wanted to be a marine biologist. Other days, a photographer. My choice of career depended on the book I was reading at the time, which is to say I always wanted to be Jessica from Sweet Valley High. Or Nancy Drew.

The shark

When my mom wasn't telling me to "stop being anti-social and get my nose out of that book", I was either cutting words out of magazines or writing (really bad) stories on my grandfather's clunky computer. I remember one story about a shark, who bit off a boy's toes at the beach. I might have stolen that idea from my sister. She told on me.

The drop-out

A career in writing was never obvious to me. But it was to everyone else. My aunt bought me journals for my birthday; gran said I should study journalism. "A way with words", they said it was.

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I’ve worked with Tarryn in several different capacities in recent years and have found her to be an exceptional writer: inventive, disciplined, precise. Her editing skills are impressive and her attention to detail noteworthy. She is also reliable, prompt, and able to take both direction and initiative. I recommend her highly.
Tiffany, Tiffany Markman Copywriting & Training
Tarryn’s writing stands out by combining creativity, thoughtfulness and, often, humour - for maximum impact. She is excellent at developing easy-to-read content for a range of audiences, no matter how complex the subject matter. She’s particularly good at writing about technology and easily turns ‘boring’ topics into content that people actually enjoy reading. Tarryn understands the nature of the modern reader, is economical with words, and gets to the point – but never sacrifices meaning or quality to do so. I’ve worked with her for almost a decade in various capacities and, without a doubt, she is one of the best writers in the industry. She’s also highly reliable and never misses a deadline.
Patricia,  PR Lead, Sage
Tarryn is one of the strongest content creators in the PR industry. She has the ability to take virtually any content, turn it on its head and make something truly meaningful, that audiences digest and enjoy time and time again. She was an incredible asset to WE and we were lucky to have her leading and managing our content team. 
James Wilson, GM, WE Communications, South Africa

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